About Hans 

If I had to describe myself in words

Then creativity, inventiveness and craftsmanship come to the fore first. And experience. My interest in photography started when I was 15 years old. I was at a car show with beautiful cars from the fifties and was struck by the beauty of the shapes. This is where I took my first photo. My older brother helped me develop my photography passion. I had my own darkroom from a very young age and when I was 16 I knew for sure: this is what I want as a profession.

After completing the Fotovakschool in The Hague, I started working as a permanent assistant for a very good advertising photographer: Dirk Karsten. That was a valuable learning experience, very traditional. After that, I started my own business and soon – in the nineties – I got Nike as a customer. I have been working in my current photo studio in Amsterdam for about 20 years.

My photo studio is large and well equipped

So I can make everything here and create any atmosphere. I consider lighting technology to be one of my strong points. With an arsenal of flash and artificial light, flags, spots, mirrors, matte fillers, magic arms, I can completely control the light. I can make the brightest daylight, but also create a dreamy atmosphere. It is a world of its own in which everything is possible.
I work with various cameras, in the studio I use a technical camera with a digital Leaf back, but I can still really enjoy my older digital Leica M9 where you have to set everything yourself. It is a ‘primitive’ camera with very nice quality and fantastic lenses. A pleasure to work with!

My studio is like a laboratory

or an operating room: packed with technical options and clean. With a compressor I make the subject to be photographed dust-free: I work almost surgically.
I learned the trade in the analogue era and then shopping away dust particles was not an option. “I’ve never had it so beautifully clean” is what I get back from image editors.
In this clean but inspiring setting I provide that one perfect record that captures exactly what needs to be communicated.