07: 0.47 |  0.54
RS3: 0.1 | 0.13 
07: Sell 0.47 | Buy 0.54
RS3 0.1 Sell | 0.13 Buy


Once the payment has cleared, we deliver instantly! We will provide you with a location, world, and Runescape name to trade.

Bitcoins can be obtained from bitcoin exchanges. The biggest is coinbase.com, but there are many others worldwide.  You can use your bank or debit card to purchase bitcoin from coinbase.

Yes!  Just link us your profile/vouch thread via livechat as the gold is delivered. 

1. We do not do refunds on any completed transaction. All sales are final.

2. We are not responsible for any RWT bans, though they are extremely unlikely and almost never occur.

3. There will be very rare periods of time in which one of our agents may lose connection.  Please be patient.