We do things a little differently here.

Often women come to us thinking they’re going to learn how to lift more, track nutrition, and feel more confident in their own skin.

And yes, you’ll get that. But the Women’s Health Movement is about so much more.

You’ll stop going through the motions “just because”.
You won’t be given generic workouts or nutrition plans.
And most importantly, you won’t feel like you’re on this journey alone.

Because more than anything, we believe in education. No matter where you’re at, you’ll start to understand the why behind everything, because we’re not here for dependence, we’re here to empower you.

The only thing we ask? Be willing to show up, because not every day will be perfect.

We know it’s not easy. You’re probably someone that’s high achieving, takes on the world, and as your calendar starts filling up, the first things to go are your own needs.

With our coaches, resources, and incredible community, you can start putting yourself first.

You’re probably wondering how:


An opportunity to meet with our coaches for an informal chat to further discuss your check-in, training program, technique feedback, future goals or any other questions you have.


Group webinars delivered to all members of our community with an educational focus offering the opportunity to further your own learning on all things health, fitness, lifestyle and mindset.


These calls are intimate styled calls with a focus on reflection, mindset and personal growth. It is also a great opportunity to interact and connect on a more personal level with the other girls in our community.

Want to find your people?

It can be easy to hold off until the ‘perfect moment’ to start your fitness journey. Be cautious not to let that mentality hold you back from the progress you could already be making around a group of like-minded, ambitious women. 

Find out what it’s like to have an all-inclusive online coaching program, tailored to you, and you only.


Education underpins everything, we believe before giving you anything, you deserve to know why. Some of the things you can expect to learn from our calls? Your menstrual cycle, hormones, neuroscience and expanding on your training knowledge, just to name a few.

You’ll soon realise teaching isn’t just about the coaches. Your knowledge and experiences you contribute to the group are just as valuable to our community. When you join the Women’s Health Movement, you’ll be teaching us all something too.


Whether you’re currently overtraining, or just learning to lift you’ll be guided to a place of balance with training and lifestyle. Fitness isn’t just about your body composition, it’s how you perceive it.

You’ll start to be more forgiving about numbers and start appreciating your body for what it can do, no more going all in, then all out. Our methods are designed to be smarter with your training, as much as we love the gym, we want you out there enjoying life too.


We know nutrition can be daunting, and there’s a reason we don’t provide quick fixes like meal plans. Restriction often escalates, and ‘sustainable’ usually means a week, not a lifetime.

As well as learning how to track with your personalised macros, in the Women’s Health Movement you’ll learn how to navigate life’s moments of events and holiday periods, to make smarter decisions. Just like one good meal won’t bring you results, one bad one won’t either, and forgiveness is key.


We know we’ve done our job when you start to notice everything outside the typical fitness journey. We’ve seen incredible women strengthen their relationships, resilience, and work lifestyles.

Life happens, that’s why you’ll notice a big importance on stress levels, sleep, habits, and self care – everything that often slips when times get tough. You’ll learn to embrace life’s slip ups and reframe them into lessons, because here it’s not about perfection, it’s about progress.

My experience has been so incredibly rewarding on so many levels, I feel I don’t even have the right words to express my gratitude to the team. I have enjoyed this entire process, I feel I’ve learnt so much and developed so much as a person. I feel that this experience has pushed me out of my comfort zone in a great way. I’m forever indebted to the continued patience that I have received through this journey. The time and effort that goes into this style of coaching is so inspiring to me

- Stacy Eivers

listen, watch & learn


Join Sharelle & Dani to learn about taking your health, fitness and mindset to the next level.


Training goals, tips, tricks and tutorials for all training levels.

Meet Sharelle

I’m Sharelle Grant, Registered Nurse, Midwife, Personal Trainer/Online Coach, Women’s Health advocate and World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF) Professional! My mission is to educate and empower women to be in control of their own body, mind & soul, and evolve into the healthiest, strongest, most resilient version of themselves.

My goal is to add as much value as possible through education!