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Hans Pieterse photography

Hans Pieterse is based in Amsterdam and has a perfectly equipped, all-round creative photo studio. In this photo studio, various photography projects and disciplines, such as product photography, art photography, still lifes and hi-end photography, take shape. It is the photography studio where creative concepts are created or executed in consultation with advertising agencies.

Hans Pieterse Photography works for a variety of clients, including private individuals, companies and advertising agencies. In addition, Hans Pieterse initiates various art projects with photography and stop-motion films.

If I had to describe myself in words

Then creativity, inventiveness and craftsmanship come to the fore first. And experience. My interest in photography started when I was 15 years old. I was at a car show with beautiful cars from the fifties and was struck by the beauty of the shapes. This is where I took my first photo. My older brother helped me develop my photography passion. I had my own darkroom from a very young age and when I was 16 I knew for sure: this is what I want as a profession.

Limited work By Hans Pieterse

As an artist I have been photographing objects, objects, nature and people for three quarters of my life. As a child I always thought in pictures and to this day that has never been the case. Early on I started to capture images in a perfectionist way. 

The combination of camera and sophisticated lighting technology ensures that my photos are known worldwide. Think of the print campaigns from Adidas, Nike, Asics to the limited edition shoes from Zeeman, but also the Grand prestige beer bottles from Hertog Jan advertising to the complete bugaboo stroller product line. Except nobody, except the art director of the advertising agency, knows that I took these pictures. 

That’s quite a joke.